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Name: Lindsey
Age: 15
Birthday: 3/18/89
School:Gloucester high school
Location: Gloucester massachusetts


food: pepperoni pizza
car: escalade
Movies:slc punk, american history x, a bronx tale, hangmans curse
color:red and blck
songs: warmness on the soul by a7x- love in autumn by 18 visions
letter: J
bands: A7X! atreyu, poison the well, from autumn to ashes, 18 visions.. alot more my chemical romance..
tv shows:the oc, friends
stores:best buy; any cd store.


War in iraq:war is soo dumb!
Gay Marriges: as long as two people love each other and are happy, it's fine w/ me!
Prostitution:i wouldnt do it but.. if people need money...
Yellowcard: one song is okay; view from heaven, only because it reminds me of my friend AShley who died RIP 2/22/88-5/1/04
Drugs/alcohol: Drugs are stupid and alcohols alrite. jack daniels.. <3
The law changing the licence age to 18:thats soo stupid ill be soo mad if they do

Post a quote and write why you chose that quote: ''Well I guess this is where I tell you what I learned, my conclusion, right? Well I learned, hate is baggage, lifes too short to be pissed off all the time'' -- danny vinyard, american history x And it's very true..dont be pissed off all the time for no reason, theres no point..

Now post a LEAST 2 clear pics of urself! I am probably not gonna get in here cuz of this, but I don't have any, sorry!! =/
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