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I don't know if this is "required" but I'm doing anyways.

Name: Ambuuur
Age: 16
Birthday: 9-24-1988
School: Bradshaw Mountain High School.
Location: Podunk Valley, Arizona

food: Korean Soup
car: Toyota Camary
Movies: Top three: Cabin Fever, Saw, and Wrong Turn.
color: Blue
songs: "A Year From Now" - Across Five Aprils, "Dead on Arrival" - Fall Out Boy, "Moments Forever Faded" - Funeral for a Friend, and "Withered" - A Static Lullaby <--my homies!
number: 5
letter: J for Jesus!
bands: Sheesh. There's a butt load. Avenged Sevenfold (duh), A Static Lullaby, Amber Pacific, Funeral for a Friend, Terror, Atreyu, A Change of Pace, Across Five Aprils, Senses Fail, Saosin, Emery, Billy Talent, As I Lay Dying, MCR, Eighteen Visions, Fall Out Boy...and a mom load of local bands from CA & AZ.
stores:best buy; any cd store.

War in iraq: Awesome way to waste tax payers money. Thanks Bush.
Gay Marriges: Because most people don't understand what an opinion is (and that one shouldn't be judged or hassled for it) I'm not going to say how I feel about gay marriage. I'm just going to say that I'm on the fence about it.
Prostitution: Immoral not to mention illegal.
Yellowcard: They totally dissed me (paha! I'm so gangsta) at Warped Tour this past summer. I was heartbroken because I used to be a huge fan, but luckily James of 18V helped me recover. ;) He gave me a backrub.
Drugs/alcohol: Been there, done that. sXe
The law changing the licence age to 18: LOL! I'll cry because I'm less than a month away from getting my license.

Post a quote and write why you chose that quote: "That's what you get for taking directions from a Mormon."
Paha! I love this quote. I have nothing against Mormon's just for the record. But long story short, my friend and I got lost in Laughlin because her mom's Mormon friend gave us directions. So we're driving around trying to find out hotel and we're like five hours past the time we were supposed to check in and we're afraid we're going to lose our room and it's dead quiet in the car when all of a sudden my friend says to her mom, "You know what, that's what you freaking get for taking directions from a Mormon." It's one of those things where you had to be there.
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