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New I am...Yes Indeedy.

It says nothing about an application in the userinfo...but I assume you have to have one from the entries? Anyways...

Name: Ashley aka Ashshe
Age: 17
Birthday: 8/7/1987
Grade: 12
School: Center Line High School
Location: Detroit Michigan


food: Funyuns, Dr. Pepper, Ermmm Pizza? heh.
car: 1968 Mach 1.
Movies: Tremors, Chuckie, The Green Mile, Halloween Seires.
color: Anything Bright or any Shades.
songs: Warmness on the soul, darkness surrounding, Second Heartbeat. I'm assumeing you just want A7X songs.
number: 4
letter: Uhhh S...it's a nice letter.
bands: A7X, poison the well, fordirelifesake, thrice, alexisonfire, children of bodom, pantera, the doors, older metallica, norma jean etc...
tv shows: Ehh Headbangers ball or the rock countdown...I don't watch much TV
stores: Anything Cheap...I'll buy whatever looks good at a resonable price. haha...I'm a cheapo.


War in iraq: Well, it's not like we can do anything about it. Bush has us there...there's no point in bitching about it. So Whatever. But, if he reinstates the draft...I'm moving to Canada!
Gay Marriges: Legalize it. It's utterly retarded to fight over who should get married or not. If they love each other...hell let them get married. Personally...I think guy kids are adorable. =)
Yellowcard: Ehh Their alright...not on my list of faves though.
Drugs/alcohol: Eh it's alright once in a while. Not overboard though.
The law changing the licence age to 18: Hah...whatever. I'm not that big into politics...which will probably prevent me from getting in here due to my lack of interest in the government and their fucked up ideas for America.

Post a quote and write why you chose that quote: "This is a 44 caliber love letter straight from my heart" - Alexisonfire. I just heard the line from the song so...I posted it...that's my reasoning.

Now post a LEAST 2 clear pics of urself! I don't have any recent ones due to my scanner being a total bitch. I'm sorry. No grudges?

Haha my apps so boring, my apoligizes...everyone. ♥
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