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Memories don't mean shit

Name: Alex (or vegan, thats what everyone else calls me)
Age: 14
Birthday: 3/19/90
School: Northshore Junior high (lame I know, they keep us at the junior high to "make it less crowded" at the high school
Location: Seattle


car: um, jettas I guess
Movies: the outsiders, rocky horror picture show, thirteen, napoleon dynamite
color: green and purple (go barney!)
songs: Where do I begin? um, "helena" by mcr, "ride the wings of pestilence" by from first to last, "y-control" by the yeah yeah yeahs, "it's nights like this that keep us alive" by himsa, "revenge I seek" by bleeding through, "you stole my story" by gatsbys american dream", "peacock skeleton with the crooked feathers" and "love rhymes with hidious car wreck" by the blood brothers, "eternal rest" by a7x, "I shot andy warhol" by head automatica, plus like 9 zillion more.
number: 5
letter: A!!
bands: Oh damnit: A7x, my chemical romance, bleeding through, the blood brothers, from first to last, the used, atreyu, himsa, pretty girls make graves, smoosh, the horrorpops, gatsbys american dream, head automatica, the yeah yeah yeahs, afi, etc...
tv shows: degrassi, the oc, lost, headbangers ball, spongebob squarepants, saved by the bell, full house
stores: sonic boom(best record store ever), urban outfitters, red light vintage(best vintage store ever)


War in iraq: Stupid
Gay Marriges: You want to know what I think about gay marriages? well i'll show you:
Prostitution:If you need money.....
Yellowcard: Well lets see, I saw them 2 years ago when the weren't big and then they blew up and are all "mtv" big and shit like that and so yeah, I don't like them and their new cd pretty much sucks. But the old ones good.
Drugs/alcohol: I don't really care for drugs but whatever. They should just be legalized to get all the drug dealers to go away. Alcohol is good.

Post a quote and write why you chose that quote: "Words are very unnecessary they can only do harm" smart children will know that that is from a depeche mode song. I love them, I've been listening to them for as long as I can remember. That line, is so true. People are bitches and words hurt like shit. Yeah.

Now post a LEAST 2 clear pics of yourself: I'm too tired to go to my other photobucket and get my pictures.
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